Using a PDC bit to drill through downhole components used in the cementing process is always challenging.  From drilling the float collar, through the shoe track, and through the shoe, the objective is to get it drilled as fast as possible while inflicting the least amount of damage to the drill bit. Harder materials take longer to drill, and tend to damage bits before they can drill new formation. The challenge for drillable equipment is maximizing strength and durability while reducing drilling time and bit wear.

Float Shoe

When designing drillable products, the engineers at Citadel Casing Solutions took advantage of engineered plastics and composites as a substitute for aluminum and cast iron components of legacy systems.  The result is a line of equipment that is easy on PDC bits and drills faster, eliminating the need of a clean out trip, and enabling faster ROP through the next hole section. Citadel’s composite components employ a design that meets the stringent requirements for well integrity and downhole performance, yet facilitates drillout without risking bit damage.

The Citadel engineering team is tackling the innovation challenge head on with new and different products for the Casing Equipment and Cementing Tools market. For each of these product challenges, the market has offered solutions for years. Standardization has developed among competitors to the point where each can be categorized as commodity product – with little difference among each player, resulting in price emerging as the only real buying factor that is considered.  Our Citadel engineering team is bringing a fresh perspective to these products and strives to deliver a better solution to help our customers improve operational success.