For everything we design, we ask the question – Why leave something downhole when you don’t need to?

At Citadel, the engineering team seized an opportunity to design equipment to include more components that are recoverable at surface, with fewer components that remain downhole after cementing operations are complete. In some designs, the Citadel team eliminated complex machined components from the top-level assembly, again reducing manufacturing and assembly costs, while improving reliability of the product by reducing potential failure mechanisms.

If you can reuse a component, you don’t have to manufacture it again. This results in lower costs and better product availability for our customers. It also improves manufacturing lead time.

At Citadel, our technology organization is comprised of skilled and innovative engineers who have a combined industry experience of more than 45 years. We are tackling the innovation challenge head on with new and different products for the Casing Equipment and Cementing Tool market. Our team of engineers has been awarded more than 70 patents representing numerous disruptive technologies and solutions. They are immersed in a company culture that gives them the freedom to focus on solutions designed for use at the wellsite. This experienced team, along with the culture of innovation, provides Citadel with unique capabilities that are simply not found in other organizations.