Apply Lok-N-Load™ thread lock compound from Citadel Casing Solutions to your casing, tubing, or drill pipe and be rest assured you’re ready to run and gun downhole. Lok-N-Load keeps joints from loosening while running casing or drilling through the shoe-track, and replaces welding on the bottom of casing joints. A Lok-N-Load kit contains a two-part epoxy (base resin + catalyst), along with a putty knife and instructions for use.

Each Lok-N-Load kit is 8 ounces.  Each case is 12 kits.  For each case of Lok-N-Load you buy, we’ll throw in a Citadel Casing Solutions T-shirt.

For more information and to inquire about orders, please visit the Lok-N-Load product page on our website.  Or contact us directly at