Nicolas Rogozinski – Senior Technical Professional

Nicolas is a mechanical engineer with over ten years of experience in Oil and Gas as a field engineer for drilling operations, and seven years in new product development for casing equipment/cementing tools. During his career, he was involved in operations in the Magallanes basin located in the southern part of Chile/Argentina, offshore Norway, North American land, offshore Brazil and many more. He currently has seven U.S. patents, and he’s the author/presenter of several ASME and API papers regarding the deployment of equipment that he designed.

New Beginnings – The Story of an Immigrant Entrepreneur

As Citadel has recently eclipsed the 1-year mark, I have come to realize the similarities shared among Citadel’s core values and my experiences as an immigrant. This comes as I celebrate ten years of becoming a United States citizen.

I was born in Chile almost four decades ago to an air force pilot and a teacher. I had the privilege of traveling across the globe in my adolescent years. Out of all the places I visited, America impacted me the most. I was 12 years old the first time I came here. I witnessed the American dream in person, the spirit of entrepreneurship. Here you truly can do anything or be anyone that you chase after with everything you have. Growing up, one value my parents instilled in me was the value of a great education, so I worked to earn my education in America. When I was in high school, I did an exchange program in Evergreen, Colorado, eventually returning to study at the Colorado School of Mines pursuing a master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

Deciding to live and work in the United States after my education, I was able to relate with my grandparents who were immigrants just like me. In the early 1930’s, they immigrated to the southern part of Chile from Germany (hence the name Rogozinski). They were Christian missionaries and wonderful people.

They shared with me some of the struggles they faced when they uprooted their lives and started over. Stories when they started having their own families in a foreign land. These stories I had heard as a child became real to me as I experienced some of the same things with my own family. They also taught me values like integrity, entrepreneurship, life-long learning, and discipline that they embraced and helped them thrive as immigrants.

As I relive the last year growing with Citadel, I see those same core values my grandparents instilled in me are the very cornerstones of our company. As we grow, we are building on a foundation of integrity, hard work, and ingenuity.

Here at Citadel, we recognize the value of people – that the right team makes all the difference. So, when it comes to producing the best downhole components for cementing and casing running, Citadel has the best team players. Our team brings nearly 100 years of industry experience to our young organization. We have the knowledge and passion to meet customers’ requirements like has never been seen before.