Carlos Valdez – Technical Professional

Carlos is a mechanical engineer with 5 years of experience in Oil and Gas as a design and sustaining engineer for casing equipment/cementing tools. He graduated from The University of Texas at El Paso with both Bachelor’s and Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. One of his main tasks has been on developing tools to increase production and efficiency at the workplace. Less time spent correcting things gives us more time to developing innovating equipment.

Speed Versus Accuracy

Speed and accuracy are commonly known as a trade-off. The faster you complete a project/task, the more likely you will find that you overlooked some things, resulting in the “If you want it bad, you get it…bad” dilemma.

In a market as competitive as the Oil and Gas industry, having both speed and accuracy can be a determining factor to differentiate among your competition and obtain market share. Thus, the demand of rapid response as well as on time delivery is something that is asked from us every day. It is imperative that we as a company can react quickly and provide the best and most accurate solutions to our customers.

Technology plays a valuable part in this, as it can provide the tools that are necessary to complete this difficult task. The Citadel Casing Solutions mobile app for example, can provide quick answers to our customers by leading them directly to the product’s engineering datasheets. There they can find answers to many of the technical questions they may have instead of having to wait on someone to provide the information for them. Simultaneously, our team is focused on developing tools that can provide our customers with actual drawings and engineering datasheets in a matter of minutes instead of the usual delay of a few days. These automated tools provide accurate and quick results consistently while minimizing human error.

Communication is also key to be able to provide the proper tools for our customers. Having a solid understanding of the customer’s needs and requirements is crucial to providing the appropriate solution for their challenge. Issues are promptly solved when the customer, design team, and manufacturing are all working towards a common goal. At the same time, if all requirements are clear for all, the design and manufacturing processes can be streamlined which can reduce delivery times and cost. Outstanding customer service is the responsibility of all and not just one group.

Overall, speed and accuracy do not necessarily have to be a trade-off given that you have the appropriate tools, communication, and processes in place. With the growing market in the Oil and Gas industry it is paramount that accurate and rapid responses are provided to our customers. You can count on us to be prepared with a customized solution to any challenges you may be facing.