Ben Hollar – Rockies Account Representative

Ben is a Wellbore Isolation Expert with a focus on Casing Equipment and Cement. He graduated from Colorado School of Mines with a BS in Engineering. From there he has worked closely with operators to design and execute cement jobs around the world. Whether foam cement for complete losses in the Powder River Basin in Wyoming, remote operations in Bangladesh, offshore arctic in Alaska, or Bradenhead mitigation in Colorado’s DJ Basin – Ben has the knowledge and tools to help.

Success Through Alignment

Two questions: 1) What are your goals? 2) What can we do to help you achieve those goals?

Too often the goals of a service company are not aligned with that of the customer, which can only lead to disaster. Only when the entire team is standing shoulder to shoulder and headed the same direction will success be achieved. I say success because there are many wells that are completed, but few are completed successfully.

Again, what are your goals? How do you or your organization define a successfully completed well? Does that mean: A well completed with no safety incidents? Zero nonproductive time? No equipment failures*? What else? No formation fluid migration – anywhere? Casing and cement placed at targets? And the final goal of any project – return on investment? We at Citadel believe that through alignment of specific, attainable, and customer driven goals, every well can be completed successfully – maximizing ROI.

Let me set the stage for the second question… For Citadel, this means putting safety first. Working together to define goals and plan targets. Utilizing an industry top tier supply chain group to get equipment to location on time – every time. Designing and manufacturing products to the highest standard. Tactical use of the right technology to get casing to bottom and cement to the designed top. Finally, if the well is completed successfully we can confidently say that we upheld our portion of the return on investment equation.

Stand shoulder to shoulder with Citadel and allow us to help you achieve your goals: Success Through Alignment.

*Except those defined by the “Acts of God” clause (if you have set foot in the oil patch you know what I’m talking about). Plus, what good would an oil patch blog be without a bit of legal fine print?